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Common Injuries Incurred When Working On Oil Rigs

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics,the most common accidents on oil rigs is where workers are struck by objects falling on them,most times through work rigs or decking collapsing. The next most common danger is where workers are caught in equipment or machinery that is defective or malfunctions. Vehicle crashes,slipping and falling off rigs or other equipment also cause injuries to workers.

Workers can be involved in some tragic accidents too,depending on where the oil rig is sited,due to driving while they’re fatigued.

Common Injuries on Oil rigs include the following,according to top maritime injury :

• Fingertip or finger amputation

• Traumatic injuries to the brain

• Bone fractures

• Lacerations and puncture wounds

• Hearing loss

• Burns,including those involving chemicals

• Loss of vision

Other causes of injuries on oil rigsWorker drug use is yet another workplace hazard common on oil rigs. Drug use and dealing is on the increase in the industry because of the high pay that the workers receive and the high demands placed on them by working on oil rigs.

The high output of the work and the long hours that the workers have to maintain puts a lot of pressure on them. With their high pay,they are able to afford the drugs that help them to keep up with the demanding job,so drug use and the abuse thereof can become a huge problem.

Workers most commonly use cocaine and methamphetamine – both stimulants,because they are unable to perform to the high productivity standards without these drugs. Despite the effects of these performance-enhancing drugs however,or alcohol,they do contribute to the probability that accidents might happen.

These days,more and more contractors and oil companies are starting to adopt a stricter drug-testing policy. This includes giving alcohol and drug tests to workers who have been involved in an accident,to find out whether substance abuse could have been the cause of the incident. Unfortunately,many job applicants and oil rig employees fail the substance abuse tests.

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