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Discover How to Treat Women’s Hair Loss

Women’s hair loss can be devastating. The accepted ideal for feminine beauty includes long, thick, luxurious hair. Is it any wonder then that reactions to women’s loss of hair ranges from mild anxiety to depression and loss of self-esteem.

Contrary to the cultural ideal, many women do suffer from hair loss. Around three million American women have thinning hair, and over half of all women will experience this problem after menopause.

There are several reasons, but the main cause is genetic. It’s important to check with a physician to see if there is a treatable cause for losing hair. There are also a few treatments available for genetic baldness, and research is being carried out to develop more treatments.

Whatever the cause, there are a number of products that can help disguise thinning hair.

Hair Care Products

Women’s hair loss can often be dramatically helped by a trip to a good hairdresser. He can cut and style hair to make it look fuller and can also recommend hair treatments, such as permanents, that will make it look like you have more hair than you do.

There are also many products that can be used to make your hair look fuller and thicker: volumizing shampoos and conditioners, mousse, hair spray, hair serums and others. You may have to experiment a little to find the style and product that gives you the best results.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions and other hairpieces help hide women’s hair loss by adding artificial hair. Far more attractive than men’s toupees, hairpieces are commonly available. You can add volume and/or length with a pin-on ponytail, braid, chignon or strands of hair.

Hair Weaves

Another way to add volume and length to your hair is to have it done professionally with a hair weave. Hair weaves may use human hair or artificial fibers, which are more permanently attached than with a hairpiece. The added hair is glued or heat-bonded to your scalp, or crocheted into your hair. Hair weaves usually last for about two months.


Wigs are still very popular, both to hide thinning hair and just to change your look. Wigs are especially popular when women’s hair loss is due to chemotherapy treatment for cancer. The woman’s hair usually falls out because of the chemotherapy treatment. Dealing with the cancer, the treatment, and the hair problem can be overwhelming. Wigs are attractive and don’t require a lot of fussing or maintenance at a time when the woman doesn’t have any extra energy.

Hair Transplant

There are two types of hair transplant, both of which permanently add volume and thickness to the hair. Each hair is called a “follicular unit2. The fewer follicular units in a hair graft, the more natural it looks.

Micro-grafts contain 1-3 follicular units, and are almost undetectable. Mini-grafts contain 4-6 follicular units, and sometimes more. Hair transplantation is the ultimate solution for women’s hair loss because it is a permanent solution.

No matter why a woman is experiencing hair loss, she can still get her beautiful hair back. Finding the right product or treatment is well worth the time and effort it takes.

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