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Hair Restoration for Women – The Best Options

Most of the women who suffer female pattern baldness adopt the needed steps to treat thinning hair and their baldness. Especially for younger women, hair fall can be emotional annoying and embarrassing. Here’s why hair restoration for women is becoming as well-known as hair restoration for men.

According Dr. Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Americans spent an estimated $176 million on hair loss products last year.

Fortunately, for women affected by hair loss there are numerous options available. Hair restoration for women may include anything from the simple removal of the source and until transplantation.


The main causes that women lose hair is high level of testosterone. Other causes may be stress, childbirth, nutrient deficiency, medication (such as chemotherapy) or be associated to another current illness. You must ensure that there is no other simply way where an external factor can be isolated leading to the hair restoring itself by natural processes.

To evaluate if only a simple change like commutation birth control pills or even taking antiandrogens can solve the problem a good idea is a reference to an endocrinologist.

Topical Drugs

Most popular topical drugs to spur new hair growth are Rogaine and Nioxin. The most common option is Rogaine. Particular for women, Rogaine and other variations of minoxidil 2% are the only FDA approved medications. These products are recommended for women with thinning hair.

Hair Transplants

Another option of hair restoration for women is transplants. To substitute hair fall, women usually rely on trained hair transplant specialists to execute medical procedures. The Doctor’s skills are very important to effectively use donor hair and reducing damage to existing hair. Also, is very important to keep a realistic perspective.

Warning! Not all products claiming efficiency in hair restoration for women are successful or medically authorized. Don’t let charming salon owners, seductive ads or fancy gimmicks convince you otherwise.

Laser Hair Therapy

Another very good option for thinning hair is laser hair therapy. Most important benefit of it is that this method stimulates the scalp. The new hair aspires to grow healthier and thicker when blood flows into the scalp.

When it comes to hair restoration it is very indicates that women should asses with care and attention their options. The best method to find out the right options in hair restoration for women is to speak to an accredited physician. This must be able to give you best tips and guide you to make an informed option.

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