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Over on Ethereum, the slowdown was similarly noticable

On-chain metrics for both cryptocurrencies show a significant reduction in the dollar value of deals and also the subsequent transaction costs.

Bitcoin (BTC) as well as Ether (ETH) appear to be experiencing something of a downturn, as on-chain data reveals a dramatic decline in the U.S dollar value of coins being sent throughout both blockchains in the past week. At the same time, purchase fees for both chains have declined from current highs, or in Ethereum’s situation, an all-time high.

Data from Bitinfocharts shows $46.68 billion worth of BTC was sent throughout the Bitcoin blockchain on Feb. 25. For some context, that’s around 5% of the total Bitcoin market cap, which stands at $925 billion sometimes of composing.

By three days later on, on Feb. 28, the U.S. buck worth of Bitcoin being sent out had actually fallen to $15.38 billion– a 66% drop off. At the same time, the ordinary deal fee for Bitcoin customers fell by 53%– from $31.47 to $14.63. For context, the greatest ordinary charges ever before taped for Bitcoin came in December 2017 when BTC fees surpassed $55, marking the end of the coin’s bull run for that duration.

Over on Ethereum, the slowdown was similarly noticable. In the four days between Feb. 23– 27, the total value of coins sent out across the Ethereum blockchain fell 65% from $11.1 billion to $3.84 billion.
The average fee figure can commonly be misleading, as it is heavily weighted by the mass of large deals that incur super-high charges. The regular Ethereum customer might be much more curious about the typical transaction charge value, which additionally fell 72% to $5.23. For context, the recommended cost for making a “fast” Ethereum deal is presently around $2.80 according to

Such a sizable downturn in activity on both blockchains could be translated by some as a sign that the current bull run is grinding to a halt. Yet Visit for more Crypto News an eye the current background of both chains shows that such pullbacks are not unusual.

In January, the buck value of Bitcoin transactions dropped 72% over a two-week duration, prior to picking back up once more to skyrocket even higher in February. Also, the typical Bitcoin transaction cost dropped 58% in the exact same time period. The very same general pattern was observed on Ethereum.

With this in mind, it remains in all likelihood too early to presume that the existing stagnation is a sign of the end of the crypto bull run, at least based upon these metrics alone. Undoubtedly, in the 7 days considering Visit Tyler Tysdal on that these metrics bottomed out, they have considering that begun to increase once again, as the ebb and flow of the cryptocurrency market proceeds.

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