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Why Does New Mexico Give Three Years For Personal Injury Claims

In the state of New Mexico,people are given a total of three years to submit a personal injury claim. That might seem like a lot of time for some people,but the process can be pretty drawn out in general. Compared to other states,this is a pretty standard statute of limitations. The question is,how did the statute of limitations for New Mexico personal injury claims come to be?

As with any law,things were initially crafted in order to be beneficial for residence in the state. It is always recommended to resolve any type of injury claim as quickly as possible. At the same time,it can be pretty difficult to get things done quickly if there is a lot that goes into it.

One example happens to be physical rehab. If a person is injured in a car accident in the state of New Mexico,they might need years of rehab to get back in shape. Those years can go by in a hurry,and it can be very difficult to file a claim when there is so much else to deal with.

Another reason why the law was crafted is that sometimes it is difficult to figure out who exactly was at fault. Waiting for reports to come out can take time,and there is no sense in trying to rush things if all the information is not out just yet. It will just have to be redone again in the future more than likely.

New Mexico tries to be pretty flexible for injury claims,but they do need to be taken care of after a certain point. As long as a person is aware of the three year deadline,they can mostly get things taken care of fast enough in the end to meet it.



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